686 ATA SP 12 Gauge shotgun

686 ATA SP 12 Gauge shotgun

SKU: SM451

Brand new 686 ATA SP 12 Gauge shotgun.
Best Turkish Walnut 

Available in black, Nickel and bronze.  

Game, sporter and adjustable stocks available.

Here is part of a review by gunmart say no more. 

No matter how you view ATA’s SP, there’s no denying that it’s actually a Beretta 686, albeit with a different finish and a re-profiled for-end.

Combine the price and design and ATA’s SP definitely sets the dealers a challenge. Even old, well-used and even abused Beretta 686’s command more money than a new SP, which is if nothing else indicative of just how good and desirable they are. Conversely, the new equivalents cost three or four times that of the SP, but unless you simply must have a shotgun with the Beretta name on it, ATA’s SP is a no-brainer choice. 

The gun does everything as well as its Italian counterpart, looks good, feels right from the moment you pick it up, breaks clays with the best of them and the fact the gun features an adjustable stock for just under a grand means the SP ticks all the boxes and probably a few you hadn’t thought of.

comes with full set of chokes.

Adjustable stock and all other models available.

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please note the ATA's do not come with the case they are £50 extra.