Accuracy International 7.62 / 308 package

Accuracy International 7.62 / 308 package

A as new Accuracy International 7.62 / 308 package.


Test shot only......40 rounds


Comes with..........Sightron SIII 832X56 lifetime warranty, zeroed.

Accuracy international 7.62 special mod

Swivel bipod, aim drag bag with double shoulder straps.


Awesome complete package ready to go.


Can include some ammunition.


RRP £6000 +


The AT is Accuracy International's latest model dedicated to battle proven features and to their long standing dedication to accuracy, reliability, ruggedness and quality. The rifle is based on the proven Accuracy International flat bottomed, precision machined action which is epoxy bonded and bolted to the new style AT chassis.


This model blends the best features of the AW and AE rifle to set a new standard for precision tactical rifles. The AT is a configurable, adaptable, long-range tactical rifle offered in .308/7.62 NATO (7.62x51).


The proofed steel action has the Quickloc quick release barrel system so if the rifle has been shot out or damaged, all you need to do is swap the match grade stainless steel barrel, which takes seconds. Accuracy Tactical (AT) rifles are supplied as standard with a 20 MOA STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 action rail. Features a 6 lug, 60 degree bolt with AI combat proven leaf spring extractor and 3-position safety.


AI's world renowned two stage trigger offers a crisp and creep free trigger pull for maximum accuracy.The adjustable cheek piece and length of pull (with stock spacers) will ensure a comfortable shooting position for any shooter and the 10-round double stacking magazine is compact and reliable. It can also be loaded though the rifle ejection port.


This model AT has a black pistol grip stock, a 26" match grade painted stainless steel barrel, threaded for a sound moderator or muzzle break (supplied).Accuracy International sound moderator that locates directly on to the Accuracy International tactical muzzle break utilising the muzzle break as additional baffles to further reduce noise.


The moderator is approximately 9.25" in length and sits over the muzzle break meaning it adds approximately 6.75" to the overall length of the rifle with break fitted.


Weight: 475g